At Maid in Collingwood our approach to house cleaning is simple -we treat every home we clean the same way we would treat our own home -with care, diligence and thoroughness.

We bring 18 years of experience along with the latest in maid services science and technologies to take expert care of your entire home. Forever rid yourself of cleaning supplies, at no extra cost we supply our own eco-friendly products to protect your home and family. Cleaners use the As6, Johnny Vacuum, with a 5 stages filtration system for your carpets and area rugs and Green Sage Eco cleaning products with plant-based and renewable ingredients for all your cleaning needs. Completely safe for people, pets, and the environment. All of this is complemented by our exclusive use of micro-fiber cloths, so no waste.

We offer trained residential cleaning teams and flexible scheduling because with today's hectic life, you may need some flexibility in your maid service. Unlike many of the large franchises, we will work with your schedule your way!

Maid in Collingwood services Collingwood, Duntroon, Craigleith, Blue Mountains and Thornbury providing healthy, executive quality cleaning services at competitive prices. Contact us at info@maidincollingwood.com

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